This is what the basic website design will look like, which you can customize by adding unique elements according to your needs. You'll have access to a "Site Manager" to build your complete web site by adding text to your site and uploading images of your choice. Through the Site Manager, you can edit your site at any point of time, to keep your site updated.

Sample names have been given to the navigation buttons and would be replaced by the navigations you choose and the image placeholder can be replaced with the images of your choice. You can add (or) delete pages through the Edit Master. You can also change the fonts for the Main Title/Company Name and Sub Title/Slogan and the text appearing in the site through the Site Manager.

The arrangement of text and image in this area can have different layouts of your choice, which you will be choosing from our wide range of pre-defined page layouts.

If you wish to add a feedback form, then you can choose between the options of selecting a ready-made form available (or) can create a form of your choice with our customizable form developer tool.